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Saptagiri is dedicated to investing in technology that results in true time savings, improved product quality, smoother processes and convenient access for our customers. Being on the cutting edge involves more than purchasing new presses or computers; it means staying on top of what's next as well as what's available now. And making sure new processes are proven and reliable. In the retail and corporate environment, it takes a tremendous time and financial investment to offer these highly specialized services, and to keep them running smoothly and adding value for our customers. But we just see it as part of our duty to give our customers the best anyone can possibly offer.

Printed Mono Cartons

Folding cartons are by far the largest and most imortant group in paperboard packaging.

In addition to protecting the product it also helps in brand communication and giving out valuable product information. Multi colour printing and options like hot foil stamping help in catching the eye of potential customers and enable in sale of the product. E-fluted cartons provide extra protection for packaging bulky products.

Printed Liner Cartons

Liner cartons are being increasingly used to package products like tea, masala, ghee, oil, concentrates which were traditionally packed in pouches. Unlike pouches, liner cartons provide better shelf display and visibility to the product. They also provide more protection by being tamper proof and helps in storing the product after opening. In case of oil packaging they are an economical option as compared to HDP containers and due to their square shape it is much easier to pack and transport in shippers.

Printed Metallized Cartons

Why should a consumer pick up your product in a retail store in comparison to similar products on the shelf ? Statistics show that if a consumer picks up a product from the shelf, 75 % chances are that he would buy it ! A Holographic or Metallised cartons helps in just doing that and provides tremendous aesthetic or shelf appeal to the product.

Blister Backup Card

Blister packs offer maximum product visibility and self-service convenience, while at the same time providing good product protection against contamination and transport damages. The backing card discourages theft of smaller articles, provides convenient space for product identification, design, instructions and is useful as a means of retail display.

Window Cartons

With increased changes in the preferences of consumer buying, features like visibility of the product have become very important. Today more & more people like to see the product before they buy it. Hence a feature like a window on the carton will help the consumer to see the product at the same time increasing the aesthetic appeal of the outer carton itself.

E-flute Cartons

E-flute cartons are special type of cartons wherein the printed paperboard layer is laminated with a 2ply or 4 ply corrugation layer. This layer provides extra strength and stiffness to the carton. This type of cartons are popularly used for packing bulky material like Pesticides, Liquor, Cables, Electronic products.


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